PH0 533 Dining Area
PHO 533

Smoketree Village Shopping Center
1775 East Palm Canyon Drive, Suite #625
Palm Springs, CA 92264


Monday - Sunday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

It’s not Italian or Chinese, Thai or Mexican and you’re not going to find any fried, fast food served at Palm Spring’s first authentic Vietnamese cuisine restaurant, PHO 533, located conveniently in "Restaurant Row" at the Smoketree Village Shopping Center.

The oldest daughter in a family of 14 who fled Communist occupied South Vietnam in the mid 1970’s with little more than the shirts on their backs, Anh is no stranger to dedication and hard work. She’s also pretty darn talented in the kitchen; after all, she’s been helping her mother prepare the traditional cuisine since she was 8 years of age.

The Vietnamese style predominately makes use of fish and oyster sauces, rice and rice noodles, a diverse range of herbs such as fresh mint, lemongrass, and Thai basil leaves, as well as many fruits and vegetables and select variations of pork, beef, seafood and chicken. Since the country was colonized by the French from 1858-1954 you’ll notice their influence on many of the menu items. Also, if you’re good, Anh might even whip up a few delightfully fresh creme puffs for dessert. In any case you’ll find the menu bursting with fresh, savory and healthy dishes.

Many crucial components can be overlooked when building a successful restaurant, but not here. All the dishes are prepared ONLY when they’re ordered using fresh, wholesome and healthy ingredients with preparation starting early in the morning hours. The restaurant doesn’t even own a microwave and unlike many "traditional" dishes found on the menu in other locations around town, none of the dishes are fried or expensive. California - PHO 533 sports a reasonably priced and impressive wine list offering mostly California vineyard choices by the glass or bottle which are perfect for enjoying a few laughs with friends and family or relaxing in the classy atmosphere.

Reservations aren’t required and we’re open every day for lunch and dinner. So please, come by and choose from our extensive menu of appetizers (Khai Vi), soups (PHO), rice dishes (COM), Vermicelli (BUN), and vegetarian dishes. We’re also quite adept at creating something especially the way you like it - just ask. Our friendly and attentive staff will make sure your dining experience with us will keep you coming back again and again. Wondering why the restaurant is named PHO 533? Learn the unbelievable tale behind the name of the restaurant as told by owner Anh Ho Rock during her family’s harrowing escape after the fall of Saigon.

Hope to see you soon!